So I’m over it. It was nice for a little while but it can go away now. Where we live at now we have some decent hills for the kids to sled on. 

It looked pretty for awhile. 

But it needs to go. 

A customer of ours at the marina is a neighbor that lives behind us. He left just before the storm hit to go down to Florida for a few months. He sent me this picture

I need warmth in my life. Supposed to 65 on Thursday here. *Shrugs shoulders*

What a day

End of the year crap has got me all over the place today at work. I could go into the boring details of all that I actually did but I want to keep you reading. Making steps in the right direction for our new website for the marina. Have a meeting with the design coordinator (I gave her a title because I’m not sure what it is) next week to discuss the next steps. Ryan and I also have some big meetings the end of this week. Financial planning and the bank. When did I grow up? What am I doing?

Reminds me today, Ryan says I ask to many questions. This picture, and I’m sure you have seen it, but this is me.

So anywho…. some steps towards the right direction. I had been feeling for awhile that I was a bird with my wings clipped. Maybe I was just meant to walk.

Oh, and they are talking about snow this weekend. I am sorry to anyone who lives up north but here in southeast Virginia its rare we see a lot of snow. Like more than a few inches. And if we do, EVERYTHING is shut down. One plus to living so close to work.
Tomorrow is another day

Change Is Good

So not only am I starting anew with my blog, the marina is going to be getting a facelift on our website as well. With a lot more bells and whistles too. Y’all take a look at the marina¬†website and let me know what you think. And also take a look at this demo¬†that was provided by the new company we are going with. Looking for ideas to help me brainstorm. Leave a comment with suggestions or go to our contact us page.

As always, thanks for reading

First day

  Yesterday was the first day of 2017. 2016 wasn’t the worst and definitely wasn’t the best. We had a decent year at the marina. We both finally sold our houses. Mine ended up being a short sale and his was a loss. We all moved in together at the marina. So us, 4 kids, and a dog. It’s always crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Well maybe more space. I started college in July to finish my Bachelors in Marketing. I’m attending the Univerity of Phoenix online. Besides for my first class it’s been going great. Oh and my sister got married. So it’s been an adjustment calling him my brother-in-law.

New Year’s Eve we spent with my sister and her husband. We played poker with his family. Although I do not care much for poker and I am actually pretty bad at it, they are a great bunch of people and it was a lot of fun. We also played “Sheknockell” I’m probably destroying how you actually spell it but couldn’t find it online. It’s was a fun card game as well. Then the four of us went to see Radio Romance. They are a great country band and I recommend you download their stuff of Spotify. 

We didn’t do much of anything yesterday (New Year’s Day). We went up to see Ryan’s mom and step dad in Tappahannock. Got to spend time with have of the littles. Watched some football. I actually ate blacked eyed peas for the first time ever, just to say I did. It wasn’t horrible but not something I would signup for. And then we were in bed by 10. Easy day. Another easy day for today.

This is a short blog. Gonna get the site updated and up and running. I’m going to try to post daily. That’s my goal for 2017. Cheers to a new year y’all 

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