Unicorn has several different meanings. It can mean the mythical horse-like creature with a spiraling horn sticking out from its forehead. Or in the business world, a start-up company with estimated value of $1 billion or more.

That’s not our meaning of unicorn. Our meaning of unicorn in a sense is “the one”.  But so much more than that. Being able to talk all night about anything and everything. From random to the deepest darkest. Open and honest. It flows smoothly.  Someone that supports your dreams and ambitions as if they were your own. So in turn, it’s easy to do the same for them in return. To love deeply and unconditionally with every ounce. And they love you back. But it’s not just the love and everything that goes with it. Don’t get me wrong. That’s what everyone searches for, right? This is where it goes beyond “the one”. We are able to work together. Share ideas, compare notes and experiences. Wanting to grow, not only as one or the business but everything. And grow it together. We have found our unicorns. It took a long time but it was worth the wait. It showed us what we both didn’t want. We always had a picture of what we wanted. It wasn’t a fairy tale, but at times it seemed so far off that it might as well be.

This is our story.

Thank you for reading!


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