The Bubble

When Ryan and I first started dating. Every time we would hang out it felt like we were in a bubble. Like we were the only ones around and time stood still. 

We refer to the bubble a lot. When things are stressful and we need a break, we talk about the bubble and getting back to that. The stress-free piece of solitude. 

We haven’t talked about it in awhile. Honestly we both had forgotten, briefly, but still forgotten about it. It was in a moment the other evening, we both talked about our stresses and things that are tugging on our heartstrings. It was a brief moment but it felt like the weight that had been burdening us (well me I can’t speak for him) was lifted. No problems had been solved, nothing was fixed, but it was a brief moment where we were back in it. It was an amazing brief second.

I think back to how the heck we had got into this. One word. LIFE. It isn’t hard to loose what brought you together. He has always been my fresh air. My person. And to no fault of our own, we stepped out of the bubble. Weather it be for parent duties, family duties, or occupational duties, we stepped out. 

We were able to find again, and that right there means more than any thing. But we found it in a time where we both needed it the most. That is something. 

I feel lately that times are hard and I’m not making any forward progress. But I have the bubble to be able to regroup and refocus. And I have him. My rock and strength. 

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