How things change

Its funny to think back to where I was 3 years ago. I had just found out my husband at the time was having an affair with another woman. My world was crushed. Everything that I thought I had known was a lie. I had no job, no money. I had two kids and I didn’t know what I was going to do. But I picked myself up, the best way I knew how, and moved forward.

Hell, even two years ago, I would have never saw myself where I am today. I am pretty lucky. I am with the man I have been dreaming of. We live with our 4 kids in a nice house on the water where we work. 2 years ago, I was in a horrible relationship that was toxic for both of us. I was severely depressed. Everything was dark and I didn’t think that I was ever going to see light. I really thought that I was unlovable because that’s what was in front of me. So its hard for me to think about how far I have come sometimes. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Now, it’s 2017. I am past all of that stuff. There are new challenges in front of me. In front of us. What hotel will we stay at this weekend for our getaway to Richmond? Where will we do for our summer vacation with the kids? How can we purchase this marina? It can be overwhelming at times but I think back to where I was. When I was in a really dark, dark place and I think now, it’s not that bad. I keep that perspective, or at least try to. And I have had dark days. Trust me. But right now, it’s about making goal and accomplishing them. One step at a time.


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