Let me tell you bout my best friend

So, life has been very busy lately. My goal of writing daily has been blown out of the water. But I’m here. No more excuses.

Lots have been happening lately. We launched our new website Friday. And are in the process of revamping our logo as well. Next steps are to get more of a social media presence. We also are moving forward with the new pool and bathhouse at the marina. 

But this isn’t about what’s going on at work. Or all the new things I’m trying to do. It’s about the guy that’s been rooting for me on the sidelines from day one. My best friend.

He really is. He’s one of the people that I know that I can tell anything without hesitation or reservation. I know he will be there to listen and be my sounding board… most of the time because let’s face it-it’s in a guys DNA to fix things. He’s someone that has listened to me at 2am about my nightmares and has talked me back down to rationality. He has listened to my crazy rants including the ones about suicidal slug salt bombers. Yea, it happened. He was one of the very few people that know how much I struggled 2 years ago. So many late night conversations about nightmares and randomness. He’s so easy to talk to. It comes easy. When I have exciting news, he’s the first one I think of to tell. Or even bad news because I know he can comfort me.

We weren’t even together when I found out about my cervical cancer. He was there. He gave me words of encouragement and said he would be there for the procedure. He bought me a cape. A purple cape with an “S” on it. It has my “S” on it. I write my “S”‘s different. He noticed. The night before my surgery, I came down with the stomach bug. I wanted to call off the surgery. Postpone it til I was better and more mentally prepared. He was there (thru text). Told me to get some Gatorade in me and that he would be there in the morning to help me get my kids to where they needed to go. He was there. I know I can rely on him with anything.

We’ve been through a lot in the time we have been together. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not long. But with everything we do it seems right.

 I keep having moments lately. And maybe because I have been struggling with some things lately that make these things seem bigger than they are. But these moment catch me off guard. It may be a silly moment or when we are talking seriously about work. Either way, I have noticed. I take that brief moment and really think about how far I have come. 

Lately I have been struggling, with a few things actually. We have had a few meetings regarding financing the marina. It seems daunting.  But all I know is the comfort that I have when I imagine doing this with him. Building a dream- our dream. 

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